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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

I live in London but tour Oxford, Cambridge and Glasgow regularly.

Do you host incalls in London?

I offer incall days on a monthly basis. They can be found here alongside my tour dates.

Pre-booking is strongly recommended. 

I am not available for incalls outside of these times. 

Do you offer outcalls in London?

Outside of incall days and touring, I am available for hotels outcalls + social dates in London and surrounding areas.

As my schedule is laid out months in advance, it is advisable to request a booking with as much notice as possible. 

Last minute bookings may incur a £200 rush fee.

If you are a trusted client I may consider visiting your personal premises. 

What is your minimum outcall time in London?

If you wish to book me outside of incall days, I require a minimum outcall time of 2 hours.

An extra travel charge may apply depending on zone and distance.


Longer dates which include social time will always receive priority.

How far do you travel outside of London and touring?

All outcall dates outside of London and touring must include social time.


If I am already due to be touring in or around your city and you would like me to arrive early or stay on to meet you, contact me directly for alternative minimum durations.

Please note that as I do not drive all destinations must be accessible by train or flight (travel charge to be covered). 


4 Hours

Greater London | South East | South West

6 Hours-8 Hours

West Midlands East Midlands 


North East | North West | Yorkshire | Scotland Ireland

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