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Veganuary: Restaurant Wish List

In the spirit of New Year's resolution, I have opted to pledge my allegiance to Veganuary throughout the remaining winter months - and I'm determined to eat better than ever!

After a period of repetitive home-cooking and restaurant ordering with zero conscientious thought; an opportunity to challenge my palette, culinary skills and unsustainable lifestyle habits is a welcome one.

Fresh produce, creative combinations and ethical practices? Count me in.

However, as a result, my upcoming January and February tours will require a little assistance on your part...

To show your support towards my current passion project, there are several things that you can do to make me smile from ear to ear, including but not limited to:

  • Bringing vegan-friendly wine & sweet treats

  • Ordering an almond or oat milk caramel latte

  • Gifting a plant-based cookbook

  • Arranging a date to one of my dream dining destinations (found below). There isn't a single listing that I'm not falling over myself to try, if you would be so kind as to indulge this eager foodie on tour.

P.S. For double & triple helpings, OG plant-based princess Nella Kitson and fellow Veganuary participant Angelina Valla won't let you go home hungry. You can find us together on my tour diary.


Oxford | Jan 15th-17th

Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons

Expect: Luxurious two-Michelin-starred dining alongside a romantic backdrop

Menu Highlight: Potato gnocchi, wild mushrooms & Jerusalem artichoke

Dream Date: An overnight stay to ensure our seamless transition from tasting menu to boudoir

"You cannot help but fall in love with this iconic country house restaurant" - Michelin Guide

The Perch

Expect: Traditional pub fare served in a 17-century country inn

Menu Highlights: Vegan cheeseburger + dark chocolate tart

Dream Date: A leisurely walk along the river path, followed by copious cuddles indoors

"The building is listed, the fire is lit and the setting is idyllic" - Sawday's

Cambridge | Jan 18th-21st

London | Jan 24th-27th

Glasgow | Jan 31st-3rd

Edinburgh | Feb 3rd-6th

Bath  | Feb 19th-21st

Bristol  | Feb 21st-23rd

Oxford | Feb 28th-2nd

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